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Are you a Graphic Designer?

Summerland is seeking a talented and creative Graphic Designer to help us maintain our visual aesthetic. We are looking for help creating funky and mind-bending graphics and visually driven messaging accross our Social, Marketing, and Product channels. The perfect candidate is available to begin work on a freelance basis, at 10-20 hours per week with growth potential. Compensation is negotiated depending on experience. Job is WFH and not on-site. Remote location is OK, but if you are in San Francisco, California, you have bonus points.


  • 3+ years professional industry experience on top of years of software experience.
  • You are a meticulously organized and highly independent "self-starter".
  • Ability to work within brand guidelines but also posess wild creative confidence to break molds and improvise.
  • You design in your sleep and have a near subliminal understanding of Adobe Create Suite:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Adobe InDesign
  • In addition to design programs you understand:
    • Custom Typography
    • Google Drive + Sheets
    • Shopify
    • Email Design: Mailchimp/Klaviyo WYSIWYGs
  • Bonus Points for additional software fluency in:
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Blender
    • CSS / Javascript / HTML
    • Solid Works or similar CAD programs
  • The ideal candidate also has a intuitive understanding of the ever-evolving Social Media landscape and is able to quickly create engaging social posts and awkwardly humorous meme content. Bonus points for a great sense of humor and interest in far-out topics.

To apply please email Work@WelcomeToSummer.land with your portfolio or website, instagram or social handles, resumé and a cover letter that includes some info about yourself, your experience, and at least 5 of your favorite Artists or Brands. Include "Graphic Designer Job" in the subject line.

Thank you friends!