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Are you a Web Developer?

Summerland is seeking a talented and creative Web Developer to help us maintain and expand upon our ecommerce website & related pages as well as implement background tools for streamlining our processes. The perfect candidate is a freelancer that would be available to work on project baseis, with ability to tap in and out as needed. Compensation is respected depending on experience. Job is WFH and not on-site. Remote location is OK, but if you are in San Francisco, California, you have bonus points.


  • 8+ years professional industry experience on top of years of software experience.
  • You are a meticulously organized and highly independent "self-starter".
  • Ability to work independently within brand guidelines but also posess wild creative confidence to break molds and improvise.
  • Ability to assess and communicate level of effort and risk
  • You do this kind of work in your sleep and have a near subliminal understanding of:
    • Shopify
    • Cargo Collective
    • Computer Nerd Shit
    • CSS / Javascript / HTML
    • Front-end technologies and the latest design trends
    • Responsive cross-device functionality

To apply please email Work@WelcomeToSummer.land with your portfolio or website, instagram or social handles, resumé and a cover letter that includes some info about yourself, your experience, and at least 5 of your favorite Websites or Brands. Include "Web Developer Job" in the subject line.

Thank you friends!